How to install WordPress using Softaculous on Free Web Hosting

This article will show you how to install WordPress on


  1.  First login to your account on the server you were created on using the credentials sent to you via email.
  2. Navigate down to Softaculous and click on the link
  3. On the next tab that opens click on WordPress
  4. Click on “install now” then fill in the information as per the screenshot below. An explanation of each section follows below the screenshot.Choose Protocol: If your site has an SSL certificate, choose the https protocol otherwise if your site does not have an SSL certificate, then leave is as http ,

    Choose Domain: this is where you choose the domain you want to install your WordPress on, if you have more than one domain, it will show here.

    In Directory: This is the directory where WordPress will be installed, if you want to install it in the main website, please delete the default wp and lewave it blank otherwise if you leave it there or enter any custom directory name you will access your website with something like or

    Site Name: This is your website name

    Site Description: This is what your website is all about

    Enable Multisite (WPMU): If you want to activate WordPress multisite, please check this, otherwise, leave it unchecked for standard installations. More info on this click here

    Admin Username: This is the username you will use to log in to WordPress, for security reasons, please use something else other than the default password

    Admin Password: Your password to access WordPress, make sure this includes letters, numbers and characters for maximum security

    Admin Email: if you fail this one you should not be installing WordPress

  5. The rest you can leave in their default settings then press install

  6. From here you are done. If you have issues, please do open a support ticket or post in the Whatsapp Groups or Forums .