The Problem

  • Prohibitively High Costs Of Web Hosting & Web Development (Zimbabwe Average: US$300/yr | Africa Average US$120/yr)
  • No Access To Global Markets ( Global Agric. Market Worth $729.5 billion)
  • High Costs Of Traditional Marketing

5.7 million people in Zimbabwe are informally employed

US$10.2 bill, the GDP contribution by Zimbabwe’s informal sector.

Only 11% of Zimbabweans in informal sector sell online/run websites

The Solution

A platform that allows small businesses, informal traders, artists, creatives, farmers etc. to have an online presence and be professional at literally zero cost. Free Web Hosting Africa are pioneers in Africa in offering free web hosting services. We exist to provide SMEs, Creatives and Artists all across Africa with the means to own and run websites so they can access global markets and to this extent, we have dedicated servers fully set aside to provide you with the best web hosting possible, at no cost. We offer 99.9% up-time and that is our promise to you. This enables the African informal market to: